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The two most powerful market forces in the history of finance are transforming our world.

First, capital has moved, and continues to move, from individual investments to index funds. By 2024 index funds will make up more than half of the assets in investment-management businesses. BlackRock and Vanguard currently have over $10 trillion assets under management (AUM) and within the next 10 years will have over $20 trillion AUM.

Second, the world is moving from paper and electronic format to blockchain and tokens. The entire world will be tokenized, from companies to real estate. Tokenization of the world’s assets will transform the $69 trillion worldwide securities market into a $256 trillion token market. 

COINED will provide an array of different "index coins" allowing retail and institutional investors to buy coins that are indexes of:

  1. The "crypto" market (e.g. bitcoin, altcoins, etc.),

  2. Traditional securities and commodities as they are tokenized (e.g. facebook, apple, gold, etc.),

  3. New markets that have previously been private but will become liquid, divisible, and publicly investable as assets are tokenized (e.g. private real estate, fine art, etc.)

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"Coined Indexes" for a tokenized world