Are you a hedge fund, fixed-income fund, family office, DeFi pool, or someone else who'd like to make more than the current 0% interest that banks offer?
If so, we would love to talk.
Coined is a privately held crypto company founded by Thomas Alvord. Since 2017 we have invested millions of our own capital into crypto.

We recently introduced a loan program that pays lenders 8% to 12% interest on any money you loan to Coined. The terms of the loan are incredibly secure and strong.
(1) We will pay you 8 - 12% APY,
(2) Your loan is 1
00% collateralized,
(3) Your loan is
perfectly hedged,
(4) Your funds have their own separate account,
(5) The loan duration is no longer than 90 days,
(6) You can extend the loan every 90 days, if you want.

When you loan money to Coined, we will use the money in a market neutral strategy. Specifically, we take advantage of price differences between the Bitcoin spot price and the Bitcoin futures price. For example, the price of Bitcoin might be trading at $55,000 on Coinbase but the price of Bitcoin futures might be trading at $57,500 on CME. In this example, we would buy Bitcoin for $55,000 on Coinbase and then enter an equivalent short position at $57,500 on CME. Because of how futures work, the spot price and the futures price will always converge. Once the prices converge, we close both positions and book the profit. 
Because we are both long and short on Bitcoin in the same amount, any price movements in crypto don't matter. We don't make money from crypto price movements. Rather, we make money by arbitraging the difference between the Bitcoin spot price and Bitcoin futures price. (If you want a very thorough explanation of how this works in practice, you can watch this video here.)
The reasons people like to loan money to Coined are many, but here are just a few: 
(1) Money in your bank will pay you 0%. (2) Crypto/stocks/real estate are at all time highs, and the likelihood of a future bear market is strong.
(3) Bonds are paying virtually nothing, and you can still lose money in bonds.(4) A loan to Coined is fully collateralized and perfectly hedged.(5) Coined and the people behind Coined have a strong track record making millions of dollars.
If you are interested in talking further, please feel free to get in touch with us.
Please note that Coined does not do loans that are less than $100,000. Also, nothing herein is or should be construed as a securities offering.